Based in the UK and recognised worldwide as an independent and leading analytical testing laboratory, AltaBioscience has been providing protein analysis for the food, drink and nutraceutical industries for over 50 years. From raw materials to final products, our amino acid analysis service, accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by UKAS, ensures you can be confident in your ingredients and finished produce.

Our amino acid analysis service enables the accurate determination of the total protein content and quantification of all 20 natural amino acids as well as many non-standard amino acids such as taurine, hydroxyproline or GABA in all types of food, raw ingredients, nutritional supplements and specialist dietary products.

We use robust and superior analysis methods that give accurate, reliable and reproducible data that you can always rely upon when developing new foods or beverages for general consumption or for special diets in order to verify the quality of the protein content or to ensure the products match your specifications and support your customers’ nutritional goals.

We are known for delivering on bespoke projects and for offering flexibility and direct access to our scientists for technical advice and consultation.

Whatever your requirements, our experts will collaborate with you to provide tailored solutions to ensure compliance and meet your deadlines. Let us drive your analytical testing forward today!

Contact us at for a free quotation or visit for further information.

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