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A shopping community centered around the idea of rewarding shoppers for buying sustainable brands where those rewards form a saving off their next purchase and where a percentage of each order value funds the planting of trees to help fight climate change.

The shop also caters for everyday retail purchases such as the major supermarkets and retail giants such as Amazon so cashback rewards are given across every purchase members would make both online and offline. This gives Members a simple mechanic to channel their everyday spend to support climate change.

Furthermore this platform represents a channel for eco conscious brands to reach consumers directly at a higher margin than selling through retailers and leverage part of this margin advantage to reward the shopper (giving up to 30% back on RRP in the form of EcoPoints ) whilst still retaining a significant advantage than using traditional retail channels as a route to market.

EcoHub membership for consumers gives them huge savings exclusive to this channel, where subscribing members are given a money back guarantee which is activated if they don’t save at least £300-£500 a year. It is also an effortless way to make a difference to the environment.



Koppert Cress is a producer of innovative, and food-safe living micro-vegetables, specialities and cresses, our seedlings come from unique plants, each having their own specific effects on the senses either for Flavour, fragrance, feel or just presentation! This Collection is presented as Architecture Aromatique'. Servicing the International and global gastronomy. KoppertCress enables the best Chefs to be the best!

Plant Power using Nature to Nurture!